The ContainerPort Group establishes a department to rescue “distressed” import containers

Intermodal transport and logistics provider ContainerPort Group (CPG) has launched a new division to provide expedited transport services to companies whose loaded import containers are at a standstill due to capacity or equipment shortages at ports and stations, so-called “distressed loads”.

Cleveland, Ohio-based CPG said its Expedited Services team will focus on finding solutions to move customer-critical containers that are not easily accessible or otherwise detained at railroad and container yards across the country.

“Customers continue to struggle to get their cargo delivered on time due to a number of factors,” said Mike Williams, CPG executive vice president, head of CPG Logistics and Commercial, in a press release. “It could be tied to demurrage, overweight for a particular carrier, or maybe a lack of available chassis. Expedited Services is all about getting creative to unlock those containers and find a solution to get them where they need to go.”

Also among the problems that have frozen these import containers in place are a lack of equipment needed to retrieve containers from storage areas, a lack of available space at the destination facility, excessive demurrage and transhipment congestion, the company said . In response, the newly formed Expedited Services team is equipped to handle many types of cargo, including overweight, oversize, reefer and hazmat containers.

While the new division is intended for imported goods, CPG can also deploy its domestic team to a direct delivery or transhipment situation as needed, Eddie Fuchs, CPG’s director of drayage solutions, said in an email.

“Given issues the market is facing such as capacity constraints and shortages of equipment, record demurrage/storage figures were paid out in 2022. With our vast network of partner carriers, we are able to limit these issues and provide real-time solutions to problems,” Fuchs said.

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