The Kenco Group establishes a life sciences division

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – Nov. 2, 2022 – The Kenco Group, one of North America’s leading third-party logistics providers (3PLs), has officially formed a Life Sciences Division, positioning the company as a major player in supply chain logistics for the healthcare sector. This new business further expands Kenco’s current offering, which includes distribution, transportation, material handling and supply chain solutions.

Kenco’s Life Sciences Division will continue to support medical device, eye care and pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase transparency and efficiency in their supply chains for an improved patient experience.

Tim McClatchy, Head of Life Sciences, will lead the new division as it brings supply chain transformation to a sector that has traditionally been slow to change.

“We want to make the expertise available to life sciences companies that are currently managing their own supply chain but are exceeding their in-house resources,” said McClatchy. “The world is changing rapidly and there is no sign of a return to pre-COVID practices. That’s why Kenco is expanding its expansion with specific solutions for life science companies who also want to grow their business and meet today’s ever-evolving supply chain requirements.”

Life Sciences customers will benefit from Kenco’s best-in-class data analysis solutions.

“Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, with new variables such as changing customer behavior, new business models and new competitors emerging in the logistics landscape every day,” said Michelle Kunde, GVP of Life Sciences Operations. “Our advanced supply chain data analysis helps Kenco and its customers make better, more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage in their crowded markets.”

Life Sciences customers will also benefit from access to Kenco’s industry-leading Innovation Lab, a facility that has researched the latest and greatest tools in logistics and has guided many to full implementation.

To further develop its expertise in life sciences, Kenco invests in an internal training program called Life Science Certification. This program will regularly train employees and keep them updated on the latest trends and regulations in the industry and help them serve life sciences customers both as a logistics provider and in an advisory role.

While this is the official launch of the Life Sciences Division, Kenco has already worked successfully with several Life Sciences customers and has delivered proven cost savings and other benefits for over two decades. Visit Kenco’s website to learn more about the launch of the Life Sciences Division, read case studies of successful Kenco Life Sciences projects, and watch a video from McClatchy discussing the expected benefits for new and existing customers will.

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