Real estate investment company Nordic Real Estate Partners (NREP) have announced plans to build a logistics building with 100% CO2 neutrality throughout its lifecycle. It is being built in Bålsta, around 50 km outside of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

It is hoped that the facility will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 60% compared to typical logistics buildings.

Claus Mathisen, Managing Director of NREP, said: “We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading innovators to push new frontiers and deliver the world’s greenest logistics evolution. Drawing from the most advanced products available, this project will be a test bed for emerging solutions, creating a whole new, commercially viable paradigm in carbon neutral real estate.”

NREP intends that its new buildings will be net zero in three separate measures; embodied carbon, operational carbon and additional costs. For this reason, the project is referred to as “Triple Zero”. According to the investment company, two further CO2-neutral projects are to follow “Triple Zero”.