Thermo King is presenting a broad refrigeration portfolio at Intermodal

Thermo Kinga leader in temperature control solutions for transportation and a brand of Trane Technologies, will welcome visitors to stand J20 at the Intermodal Europe 2022 exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to showcase the latest refrigeration solutions designed to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the customers to improve the efficiency of their reefer fleets.

“Thermo King comes to Intermodal Europe to demonstrate the container industry’s broadest portfolio of refrigeration solutions for shipping lines, intermodal and stationary use,” said Claudio Zanframundo, Vice President Thermo King Global Marine, Rail and Air to discuss the close connection between the cold chain and global sustainability goals. This includes important topics such as energy consumption, cold chain stability, food waste and future technologies. We want to show how we accompany our customers through the entire lifecycle of their reefer containers, improving and upgrading the capabilities and efficiency of their fleets.”

Highlights of the Thermo King Stand J20, Intermodal Europe Stand November 8-10 will include:

New CFF (Container Fresh and Frozen) refrigeration unit with a breakthrough technology that offers up to 20% less energy consumption than the market average and a best-in-class, precise temperature control of +/- 0.25°C in cool mode and + /- 1°C in freezer mode. The CFF responds to customer demands to reduce energy costs, increase sustainability, meet IMO 2030 requirements and achieve low total cost of ownership. Up to 20% less energy consumption for most common fruit transports with a set point of 10-15°C can mean a net saving of up to USD 65 per trip per container (calculated using bunker oil costs per kWh of USD 0.1937).

TK Fresh+ advanced fresh air management solution – a microprocessor controlled fresh air exchange system that ensures rapid cooling, temperature control and protection of perishable cargo. The sensors measure the O2 and CO2 levels inside the canister, allowing the microprocessor to automatically adjust to changing conditions when levels exceed the pre-programmed range. With “ventilation on demand”, TK Fresh+ responds to ongoing changes in breathing gases by automatically opening the vent to let in fresh air and closing it again when the desired gas concentrations are reached.

Thermo King SuperFreezer with a range of -70°C and SuperChiller units with a set point between -60°C and +10°C, designed for ultra-low pharma applications, seafood, meat and delicate materials. The showcase will also include a 10-foot cold storage (CSS) solution with Thermo King SuperFreezer, responding to ultra-low temperature demands. The CSS can provide full coverage for vaccine and drug storage at -70°C and can also be used with a power pack, making it suitable for transport and eliminating the need for dry ice.

Latest Thermo King SG-3500 unit available for purchase and rental. Capable of powering all ISO refrigerated containers thanks to its 24.4hp engine, the SG-3500 offers noise and emission reduction, making it one of the quietest and most sustainable generator sets on the market. Customers in North America, Europe and other regions can benefit from cost efficiencies and future-proof their operations with EPA Tier 4 Final, NRMM Stage V and 7-year CARB compliance. The device also features stable voltage regulation to intelligently regulate power and keep it within the limits set by ISO1496. Specifically for the North American market, Thermo King also offers the SG-5000 generator sets which are CARB compliant for the life of the product, protecting the customer’s investment and eliminating the need for retrofitting or replacement.

Thermo King Advancer intermodal container refrigeration unit with market-leading performance and fuel efficiency, temperature control and fleet connectivity. Thermo King’s Advancer Intermodal refrigeration unit offers unmatched system efficiency and up to 40% faster cool down and up to 30% better fuel efficiency than the market average. The energy independent architecture of the Advancer units makes them future-proof and compatible with alternative energy sources. These include Thermo King’s AxlePower intelligent power generation system, which harvests energy from the chassis axle and can provide all-electric, low-emission or autonomous cooling.

On November 9th at 11am Claudio Zanframundo will speak in the Keynote Theater of the Intermodal Europe Conference on the development of end-to-end cold chain solutions. In his keynote presentation, Claudio Zanframundo will show how Thermo King has bridged the truck and trailer business with marine, rail and air applications. He will also discuss how Thermo King and Trane Technologies have committed to reducing carbon emissions with Trane Technologies’ bold 2030 sustainability commitments, including the Gigaton Challenge to reduce customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion tons.

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