Top 10 Logistic Companies in India!

Proper logistics can really be the secret ingredient in the recipe for a successful business. And for a company expanding into a country like India — which is the center of commerce (and ever-growing consumers) — working without a solid logistics partner can put your business in a risky position.

The logistics industry is big in India. According to a report, the logistics industry in India was valued at US$250 billion in 2021! The industry is expected to grow at 10-12% annually. In fact, experts are predicting that the industry will reach $380 billion by 2025.

This massive number shows that there must be a number of companies contributing to the growth of the industry. And well, it’s true!

There are many companies that are actively involved in the logistics industry, but only a few have a good reputation Logistic company in India. These companies differentiate themselves from the rest by the value they offer with their innovative solutions backed by modern technology and an eager and efficient workforce.

In this blog we are going to talk about the best of these logistic companies in India.

The 10 top logistics companies in India making the difference

1. Aegis Logistics Limited

Aegis Logistics Limited provides impeccable logistics solutions for the oil, gas and chemical industries. Founded in 1956, the company offers logistics solutions that are trusted by the industries mentioned. The company provides logistics for highly flammable substances such as LPG and is responsible for careful and responsible logistics in a nationwide network.

In addition to the distribution of LPG, kerosene oil, propane gas and oleochemicals, the company also offers storage solutions for chemical substances. Their deposits are located in Mumbai Haldia Pipavav Kochi Kandla and Mangalore. Aegis also offers terminal services for the products.

2. Apollo LogiSolutions Limited

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Apollo LogiSolutions is a subsidiary of the renowned Apollo International Limited. The company was founded in 2009 and since then has been offering integrated logistics solutions through its vast global network connecting more than a hundred countries.

The company is the first choice for companies who want hassle-free EXIM Cargo services. Along with EXIM Cargo, Apollo LogiSolutions also offers services that include:

  • carrier
  • port clearance
  • Customs clearance and handling
  • Storage & bonded warehouse
  • Third-party logistics
  • First mile and last mile connectivity

3. AWL India

AWL India is among the largest Pan-India providers of advanced, technology-enabled logistics and supply chain solutions to a wide range of industries. They have an extensive presence of warehouses across the country that include a range of premium amenities to make your logistics seamless.

AWL India has been the trusted partner of the Government of India during the two major Covid scares in the country. The company remained the solid pillar of the country’s strength, helping to efficiently distribute and transport oxygen and other life-saving medicines.

The company has solid industry experience and has worked with a number of US and global NGOs and industries such as healthcare, electronics, cosmetics, food and beverage, energy, retail and more. They use technologies like IoT-enabled systems, data integration, etc. to provide skillful solutions.

You can trust AWL India for:

  • cold chain solutions
  • carrier
  • cargo handling
  • customs clearance
  • Complete fulfillment solutions
  • Certifications & Licensing

With over 21,000 PIN codes in India, AWL India is one of them Logistic company in India who ensure optimized and fast logistics with their own technically equipped fleet of vehicles. The company works with over 700 employees to make its excellent services accessible in over 1700 locations in over 70 countries worldwide.

4. Blue Dart Express Ltd.

Blue Dart’s comprehensive logistics solutions connect every part of the country and make quality logistics accessible. Blue Dart was founded in Mumbai in 1983 by Mr. Tushar Jani and since then has offered some of the best automated and fast moving delivery solutions in the industry. The company has deployed over 36,000 PIN codes in India.

It is also expanding its solutions to 225 global locations. Blue Dart’s services are flexible and customer-oriented. They offer cash on delivery, automated proof of delivery during checkout, weather-resistant packaging for orders, fast delivery, time-based delivery and more. Blue Dart addresses the evolving delivery trends in India with innovative logistics solutions.

5.Container Corporation of India Limited

The Container Corporation of India was established in 1988 and since then has been providing rail and road container transport and handling services. The company is headquartered in New Delhi and offers domestic and international services. Some of the services provided include full-fledged operation of dry ports, cargo stations and cargo terminals.

More specifically about the international services provided by Container Corporation of India Ltd. offers, it offers solutions for air, road and rail freight as well as block bookings. For the domestic services, you get reliable train connections, door delivery and collection, and terminal handling. Container Corporation of India Ltd. is among the best logistic companies with equally reliable EXIM and domestic departments.

6. Gati Limited

Providing pioneering logistics solutions since 1989, Gati is one of the leading providers of express distribution and customized supply chain solutions in the country. The company has unmatched connectivity within the air, road and rail passages and offers commendable solutions across it.

Gati Limited has a huge network of vehicles that allow express delivery. In total, the company has 5,000 vehicles on the road! what’s more They also have around 7,000 business partners in India under Gati Associates to carry out the fulfillment services.

7. Maheshwari Logistics Limited

Maheshwari Logistics performs seamless logistics and freight services across all modes of transport ie railways, roads, air and sea. It is among the logistics companies that have the largest fleet of vehicles to carry out such extensive operations.

The company’s fleet consists of 60 trucks. In addition, they are linked to third parties who provide another 1,000 trucks to carry out their operations. Maheshwari Logistics has been operating since 2006 when it was established in Gujarat. It is a trustworthy company for quick and easy logistics.

8. Mahindra Logistics Limited

Mahindra Logistics Limited has been providing outstanding inbound and outbound logistics services since 2000 and is one of the biggest names in the logistics industry in India. It is a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and one of the most successful names in logistics.

At Mahindra Logistics Limited, the prioritization is on three aspects: Safety, Convenience and Security. Their services reflect these aspects, offering on-time pickups and deliveries, full fulfillment, and a range of other services.

9. Safe Express Private Limited

Safexpress Private Limited is a company established in 1997. The company offers a wide range of logistics services nationwide. It is also one of the leading courier service providers in India. The range of services includes express distribution and third-party logistics. Some of the industries they serve are:

  • Ecommerce
  • FMCG
  • Electronics & Hi-Tech
  • healthcare
  • publication

10. Transport Corporation of India Limited

Established in 1958, TCI is a leader in the logistics industry in India. Its services cover every corner of the country and various global centers around the world. To give you an idea of ​​the scope of its integrated supply chain and logistics,

TCI has more than 1400 branches in India! In total, TCI covers a storage area of ​​10.5 million square feet. The company has eight main divisions: TCI Freight, TCI Express, TCI Supply Chain Solution, TCI Global, TCI Seaways and TCI Foundation.

TCI offers multimodal transport solutions and mainly targets the following sectors: retail, auto, telecom, pharmaceutical and electrical. TCI also handles bulk cargo, customs clearance, air and sea cargo handling, 3PL logistics and more.

India is the answer to the best logistics solutions!

Indian logistics companies excel when it comes to providing bespoke logistics solutions to national and international customers. As industry leaders, some of the above companies also offer logistics advicein addition to their services.

Whether you need simple custom fulfillment solutions or complicated customs clearance and freight forwarding, these Indian logistics companies will not only provide you with a hassle-free logistics experience, but also provide customer service that no one else can match!

Top 10 Logistics Companies in India Article and permission to publish here provided by Depreet Singh. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on May 16th, 2022.

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