TradeBeyond enables ESG within Wunsch Group

Standardizing the complex business processes of a single company is difficult enough, but when your company consists of over fifteen dynamic companies operating in multiple industries around the world, it’s a different story.

That was the challenge of the Wunsch Group, a family-owned B2B trading group consisting of 15 trading companies around the world with ten international sourcing offices.

Each Wunsch company had its own process flow, with little standardization, limited transparency, and restrictions on collaboration across the organization. The Excel spreadsheets and other local tools the company relied on were able to manage the sheer volume of products and orders the company manages, ranging from non-food to groceries, apparel, textiles, electronics, consumer goods and many more categories encompass, no longer cope.

Wunsch needed far greater transparency and collaboration within its organization to keep up with growing demand, but it didn’t have the tools to digitize such a large operation with its enormous complexity.

These challenges have been compounded by tightening supply chain regulations in Germany and Europe. In the run-up to the German supply chain law due to come into force in 2023, Wunsche needed an end-to-end solution to streamline its critical processes that put corporate responsibility at its core.

The TradeBeyond solution

TradeBeyond provided Wunsch with a true end-to-end platform and streamlined system to manage the company’s many departments and track the 1000+ manufacturing facilities it uses worldwide. TradeBeyond’s critical path management tools and real-time reporting ensure that the entire wishes organization is working with the most up-to-date information. The software handles Wunsch’s entire product life cycle and supply chain processes, from product development, sourcing, quality, supplier management, shipping and logistics.

“It is a privilege to work with an organization like Wunsch, which is so committed to systematic operational improvements,” said Michael Hung, CEO of TradeBeyond. “While many retailers and trading companies face similar challenges, our implementations run much more smoothly when our client has the kind of long-term vision and sustained focus that brought Desire to the project.”

Wunsch also used one of TradeBeyond’s latest innovations, a BSCI interface with amfori. The interface synchronises all BSCI audit reports and results in real-time with Wunsch’s TradeBeyond platform. Wish buyers, merchandisers and compliance management officers are aware of all BSCI status updates without having to manually access the amfori portal. TradeBeyond automatically reviews all orders and shipments and notifies key members of potential compliance issues.

The results

TradeBeyond has supported the continued growth of Wunsch. Wunsch onboards new businesses faster and can handle more orders and larger SKUs.

“With TradeBeyond, the Wunsch Group now has clear transparency and is better networked across the organization worldwide,” says Nikolaus Eberhardt, Head of Organization & Process Management at Wunsch. “We all see how the areas work together smoothly and work together more efficiently in an increasingly complex environment.”

TradeBeyond’s amfori interface is a hit with Wunsch’s customers, who have peace of mind knowing the products they buy meet their expectations of sustainability and responsibility. “Now we can prove that by buying from Wunsche we guarantee that these products meet a high standard and all the necessary regulations,” says Eberhardt.

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