Two dead when glider collides with leisure plane mid-air – Australian Aviation

The incident happened near the Sunshine Coast Gliding Club

A leisure plane and a glider collided in mid-air near the Sunshine Coast yesterday, killing two pilots.

The incident happened just before 3pm on Wednesday, with the wreckage of the two planes found 200 meters apart at a paddock in Kybong, near Gympie.

The two victims, both sole occupants, were identified as an 80-year-old Caboolture man and a 77-year-old Glenwood man.

A witness told 7News he was sitting on his porch when he heard a “big bang.”

“We didn’t think that sounded like a shot and when we looked up we saw white chunks of airplane falling from the sky.”

Before the crash, the glider and its tow plane were taking off from Gympie Aerodrome in Kybong, home of Sunshine Coast Gliding.

It was confirmed that the second aircraft involved in the incident was not the tow plane.

Inspector Brad Inskip said: “The glider has departed from the gliding club. At this point we are not sure where the microlight came from, if it came from here… it’s too early to know.

“The investigation includes mapping these scenes, examining the aircraft and moving on from there, and of course witness testimony and interviews.

“This is a tragic incident and quite a graphic scene for all emergency services and for the witnesses… horrific for the family and those involved.

“It’s a small local airport where a lot of people from the community come together – the gliding club is of course very close by.

“It’s a small regional gliding club. You all know each other. This will hit the community very hard.”

The Queensland Forensic Crash Unit is investigating the circumstances of the incident and a report is being prepared for the coroner.

Mid-air crashes are rare, the last in Australia occurring in February 2020.

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