Uber Freight expands partnership with e2open to offer real-time transportation rate and capacity options

E2open Parent Holdings, Inc, the SaaS platform for connected supply chains with the largest multi-enterprise network, has expanded its partnership with Uber Freight to offer a real-time ratings solution within e2open’s Transportation Management System (TMS) application.

The Carrier Highlight innovation is a core new capability enabled by e2open’s multi-tenant environment, providing all carriers with an instant, real-time comparison of transportation rate options with contract and spot rates currently available on their network. Uber Freight is the first preferred carrier partner featured in the application.

Directly integrating with Uber Freight’s digital freight brokerage, e2open dynamically compares real-time rates to existing network rates, providing 24/7 access with 100% advertised acceptance. E2open TMS users are presented with savings opportunities during transportation planning, with the ability to tender for delivery at a lower cost.

“In today’s changing marketplace, building resilient supply chains and leveraging real-time freight are critical to business success,” said Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Uber Freight. “At Uber Freight, we’ve built one of the world’s largest managed transportation networks, empowering carriers with reduced overhead and flexible, scalable operations. We are excited to extend our partnership with e2open and support pricing decisions with new embedded features to help shippers secure optimal rates in the future.”

The carrier highlight provides all carrier users with access to the list of featured transport providers, even if the carrier is not in the carrier’s network. The shipper can seamlessly onboard the selected carrier to benefit from the current rate reduction and leverage the new carrier partner for future cargo savings. In addition, carriers gain access to more shippers in the network.

“Forwarders need ways to optimize their transportation spend to win in both rising and falling rates. This expansion of our partnership with Uber Freight provides a new level of opportunity to help shippers optimize their transportation spend while managing logistical constraints,” said Peter Hantman, Chief Operating Officer at e2open. “Together with our partners, e2open is focused on creating value for our customers and helping them realize more efficiencies in their supply chains.”

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