Video on the Moment of Truth in the Supply Chain!

This period, that is, this post-pandemic period, is considered a unique turning point in the history of supply chain management.

As pandemic-related restrictions are eased, if not eliminated, people and businesses will look to return to “normal.” For many, they will happily forget the disruptions the pandemic has caused and go back to their old ways.

Others will realize that they need to make significant improvements to create more robust, resilient and sustainable supply chains, leveraging all available skills and technology.

As such, this is the moment of truth for the supply chain. Watch our video and hear our take on what happened, what it means and what the future holds.

The moment of truth!

In our Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth article, we discuss:

  • The state of the supply chain
  • Enablers and disablers for the present and future state
    • sight range
    • connectivity
    • skills and leadership
    • Resilience/Robustness
    • Inertia – rejection/resistance to change
    • technology
    • change leadership
  • Which direction do we take?
    • Supply chain renaissance or status quo?
  • The supply chain renaissance is upon us
    • The digital supply chain
    • The resilient supply chain
    • The circular supply chain
    • Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)
    • Global, holistic leadership
    • The seat at the head of the table
    • technology everywhere

Since this is a very unique vision of the future, or at least the promise of the future, there is an extensive discussion that we have covered in our article. To verbalize this content, we created a video that walks through the content of the article.

Our Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Video can be viewed on YouTube.

Additionally, we conducted surveys to understand where people are on this journey.

Are they going back to their old ways? Are you hoping for change but don’t know how or where to start? Or do they embrace the future and enter the renaissance of the supply chain as we have described it.


Where does your company stand after the pandemic? We know the supply chain disruptions will continue for some time and the aftershocks will be unrelenting.

At the same time, the pandemic marks an important milestone in the history of the supply chain. The confluence of many factors combined with an unprecedented array of technologies make this an opportunity for a supply chain renaissance.

The question remains, which direction will your company take? Supply Chain’s Moment of Truth Video is Here!

The future of the supply chain has never been brighter.

Originally published May 24, 2022.

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