Webfleet wins Telematics Award for road safety project

Webfleet, Bridgestone’s fleet management solution, was awarded Best Project at this year’s Telematics Awards organized by Telematik-Markt.de.

The winning project was based on Webfleet Video, its AI-enabled video telematics solution.

The project is a collaboration between Webfleet, Haftpflichtgemeinschaft Deutscher Nahverkehr- und Utilities Firmen Allgemeine VVaG (HDNA), Haftpflichtgemeinschaft Deutscher Nahverkehr- und Utilities (HDN), the consultancy company RiskGuard and Webfleet’s distribution partner Xplus1. These organizations are working together with the shared aim of increasing safety on German roads.

The Webfleet Video solution combines dashcam footage, AI-enabled in-cab feedback and driving data to help drivers avoid hazards and help businesses defend against false claims.

With this solution, RiskGuard and the affiliated safety coaches develop additional safety measures that focus on avoiding accidents and the associated downtimes and costs. In addition to the safety of the individual driver, these measures also serve to improve fleet sustainability, both goals that are important to the liability associations HDN and HDNA.

“We are delighted with the jury’s decision as it underlines how important it is for companies to promote safe driving among their employees,” said Taco van der Leij, VP Webfleet Europe.

“This project aims to give people the tools they need to improve driving behavior, which in turn improves the safety of all road users. It’s also good news for participating companies. Fewer accidents mean safer drivers, fewer disruptions and less costly repairs, downtime and claims.”

The Telematik Award has been presented every two years since 2010 by the Telematik-Markt.de media group.

The aim of the competition is to make the telematics industry more transparent, better known and easier to understand for users. It is also an opportunity to present future trends with best practice examples. The submissions for the award are viewed and evaluated by a specialist jury.

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