What are the benefits of natural language processing?

When it comes to understanding human language, robots use natural language processing. Natural Language Process (NLP) is an area of ​​artificial intelligence that plays an essential role in simplifying human-computer interaction.

In this article we cover NLP and explain how computers imitate the process of language acquisition.

in the What path does NLP work?

There is an intersection between computer science, artificial intelligence and linguistics known as natural language processing (NLP). In order to interpret texts and respond to queries, the system must analyze and “understand” natural language.

NLP has emerged as one of the most important components of modern artificial intelligence, thanks in large part to the rise of voice interfaces and chatbots. However, due to the characteristics of human language, it is incredibly difficult to fully understand and reproduce the meaning of language:

  • Unlike other languages, human language is specifically engineered to convey meaning. This is not just a passive transmission of information; it is an intentional one. Even small infants can easily learn the language because of its scrambled form.
  • Discrete, symbolic, or categorical signals are used by humans in human language.
  • Signals for communication are embedded in the categorical symbols of a language, which can be conveyed in a variety of ways. At the same time, there is no right or wrong way of saying things in this language.

Where can NLP be used?

Today there is a growing number of practical applications in this field. Language can be expressed in any way.

  • search (written or oral);
  • displaying relevant online advertisements;
  • automatic (or assisted) translation;
  • Sentiment analysis for marketing purposes;
  • speech recognition and chatbots,
  • Language assistants (automated customer care, ordering of goods and services).

Deep learning in NLP

A significant part of NLP technology works thanks to deep learning, an area of ​​machine learning that only gained traction earlier this decade for the following reasons:

  • Large amounts of training data have been accumulated;
  • Computing capacities were developed: multi-core CPUs and GPUs;
  • New models and algorithms were created with expanded capabilities and improved performance, with flexible learning on intermediate representations;
  • There were novel techniques of regularization and optimization, as well as training approaches that took advantage of context.
  • Human-made representations of data and input attributes allow most machine learning approaches to work effectively.

The data is sent to a deep learning algorithm, which then attempts to extract the most useful features or representations from the data.

It takes time and effort to create and evaluate manually created features because they are too specific, incomplete, and time-consuming. Deep Learning Revealed features, on the other hand, are very flexible.

Deep learning provides a framework for visual and verbal representations of the world that is adaptable, diverse, and teachable. As a result, initial successes were achieved in speech recognition and computer vision. Many of these models are trained using a single standard approach and do not require typical task-specific function development.

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Benefits of natural language processing

  • Automatic summation
  • resolution
  • speech analysis
  • Removes the burden of learning syntax
  • No training required
  • Allows non-programmers to interact with computer systems
  • Common input synonyms can be interpreted
  • Best and effective results
  • The search processing says exactly what the user means
  • More data mining means more data grows
  • Can perform complex searches
  • contextual understanding

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Article and permission to publish here provided by Mariusz Garden. Originally written for Supply Chain Game Changer and published on February 10th, 2022.

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