WHAT THE TRUCK?!? live from day 3 at F3

In this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner and The Dude are live at the biggest cargo party F3 from day 3.

They are joined by Lean Solutions’ David Bell; Chuck Toye at Leaf Logistics; Ayala Rudoy at Tomorrow.io; Dan Cicerchi at Descartes; Malcolm Harris at Steam Logistics; Mustafa Azizi at the Zuum app; Krenar Komoni and Richie Daigle; Chief Magic Officer of Surge Transportations; Brittany Traylor at TraylorTranspo; Tim Brownell and Hayden Allred at TruckBook; Benjamin Gordon at Cambridge Capital; Nicole Hayes at Platform Science; Blythe Brumleve at Digital Dispatch; Omar Singh at Surge; Graham Gonzalez at Reliance Partners; Secure the truck to the top; Tenasie Courtright at SiLo and the FreightWavesTV team.

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