Willmotts Transport streamlines cross-site communications with Dakota and StayLinked

Willmotts Transport is privately owned and operated from its base in Somerset. Since its inception in 1918, Willmotts Transport has provided logistics, transportation and warehousing solutions. Serving its worldwide distribution network with its large fleet of 44 tonne articulated vehicles, 26, 18 and 7.5 tonne rigids and 3.5 tonne canvas and panel vans, Willmotts is a company founded on family values ​​and a high level of… Uses passion and enthusiasm to ensure the quality of service it provides to its customers is second to none.

When the company wanted to improve and expand its inventory of mobile computers and software to keep up with increasing demand and to consolidate its multi-site inventory for mobile data collection and to support its policy of continuous improvement, Willmotts decided to turn contact Dakota Integrated Solutions for a solution.

The problem

With a fleet of mobile computers from various manufacturers, all loaded with StayLinked SmartTE terminal emulation software that enables communication with the company’s Access Delta warehouse management software, Willmotts needed to extend the application to accommodate its growing workforce Solution.

Josh Eades, IT Facilities Manager at Willmotts Transport, explains: “When I first started this position, one of the first issues that struck me was that due to our multi-site warehouse operations and fast growth rate, we did not have enough mobile computers or licenses for the StayLinked software to accommodate these factors. Communication between the StayLinked software on our mobile devices and our WMS is critical to us as a business, so we needed to ensure we were using the full potential of the data collection solution to keep the business running as smoothly as possible.”

Eades continues: “The lack of devices and therefore software licenses caused problems, most notably a lot of time wasted phoning around asking individuals to opt-out of the software on their device so other employees could log-in and use it . This negatively impacted all the processes we use the equipment for in our warehouses, namely picking, packing, goods receipt and goods issue, and caused unnecessary, unpleasant and disruptive backlogs.

“The situation was giving us a real headache and I knew this had to be addressed – and fast. After initially hiring a systems integrator to sort this out on our behalf, which ended up being very slow and unproductive, we then turned to Dakota who were able to quickly and easily fix the issue for us and help fix the problem and to solve the residues.”

The solution

Willmotts purchased additional mobile data collection devices from Dakota and increased the number of StayLinked licenses to fix the problems and clear the backlog, which helped streamline all of its processes and make the entire company more productive and efficient.

Philip Jarrett, Commercial Director at Dakota, comments: “When we were contacted by Willmotts we were only too happy to help and quickly set about ordering new equipment for them as well as upgrading their existing StayLinked SmartTE terminal and add additional licenses to their emulation software inventory so they could get their entire business back on track. Dakota always strives to provide the highest level of customer service and as Willmotts was let down by their original supplier we were only too happy to take on this project and acted as quickly as possible to resolve the issues. I am pleased to say that we have been successful and managed to help Willmotts clear their backlog and take a much more streamlined approach going forward.”

The result

The results of the renewed solution have been far-reaching, realizing many cost, time and productivity benefits. Eades says, “Our entire operation has changed as a result of this new, fresh approach, and we definitely have Dakota to thank for that. Our account manager was extremely helpful and took the time to understand the issues we were primarily facing which ultimately helped him to act extremely quickly to get things back on track for us.

“We no longer waste time logging people out of the system and back in; All of our employees are now individually equipped with everything they need to carry out their day-to-day tasks, so our entire operation is now extremely smooth and efficient. We cannot praise Dakota enough and are so grateful to them for helping us achieve our goal of smooth operations that helps us operate at the highest possible and best possible level and maintain our outstanding customer service and overall employee satisfaction. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Dakota as our business grows in the future.”

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