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Google Wing now works with fast food app DoorDash

Google Wing drones will soon deliver articles via the DoorDash app in a world-first collaboration with a fast-food platform.

Logan’s significant addition marks the first time Wing has integrated its services into another website, with orders previously being processed through the tech giant’s own platform.

Launched commercially in 2019, Wing currently enables the delivery of packages weighing less than 1.5 kilograms from a variety of stores that sell household goods and perishables, including coffee and sandwiches.

It is currently based at ACT, Logan and will soon be moving to Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

In usual Wing fashion, the new services will begin their first services in select Logan suburbs, allowing eligible DoorDash customers to order items ranging from groceries, convenience, snacks, household and more.

The launch, which will initially feature no “fast food” items, begins this week.

Suburbs include Berrinba, Browns Plains, Crestmead, Heritage Park, Kingston, Logan Central, Marsden, Regents Park and Waterford West, with surrounding areas to follow in the coming months.

The addition of drone deliveries to its meal delivery service is a major first for DoorDash, which finds competition from meal delivery titans like MenuLog and Uber Eats, both of which have larger market share in Australia.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be at the forefront of drone shipments,” said Rebecca Burrows, general manager of DoorDash Australia.

“Wing offers our customers the convenience and speed of air travel delivery of the local products and brands they know and love.

“Drone delivery can be an excellent complement to our ground delivery services. Delivery drones create a fast, efficient delivery option for smaller orders weighing just over a kilo, and offloads ground delivery services for larger deliveries, offering drivers better compensation.

“This partnership will bring the most popular delivery packages that customers can receive in less than 15 minutes. Whether it’s Vegemite and butter, iced coffee, corn chips and salsa, baby food and even band-aids, this will make accessing those last-minute necessities that much easier.”

Both consumers and retailers will benefit from the partnership, which will enable a larger number of companies to sell their products to a wider audience much faster than a typical delivery driver would.

Wing started in 2012 as one of the first projects at the tech giant’s super-secret research lab, Google X, alongside its augmented reality glasses and self-driving cars. It launched its first trials in 2018 before launching more commercial flights in Canberra and Logan the following year.

Once a customer places an order through the app, the drone flies to pick up the package at the designated delivery center before climbing to a cruising altitude of 45 meters and flying to the destination.

Once there, it levitates and lowers the package to the ground, automatically releasing the package without the customer’s help.

The company now makes more deliveries in Australia than any other country and has previously dubbed Logan the “world drone delivery capital.”

Wing initially only worked with stores based in their own major distribution centers, but transitioned to flying from the rooftops of malls and then Coles parking garages.

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