Yale Double Stacker offers innovative solutions

The new jale Platform Double Stacker has multifunctional storage applications including trailer unloading and loading, cross-docking and ergonomic lifting. A versatile truck, the MS20XD offers increased operational efficiency and productive goods handling.

Customers can choose from a range of options and power solutions, with lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries available.

From increasing work efficiency to reducing operating costs, Yale Europe Materials Handling focuses on developing products that meet the needs of its customers. Its latest offering to the market, the Yale MS20XD Platform Double Stacker, embodies these principles by offering flexible usage and a choice of power solutions.

Time management is essential for the efficient operation of warehouse logistics. Loading and unloading times can be crucial to whether or not delivery targets are met on time. The MS20XD Platform Double Stacker can load two pallets at the same time, which can result in time and cost savings for the customer.

“The MS20XD is not only beneficial when unloading and loading goods, but is also an ideal candidate for cross-docking and ergonomic lifting applications,” said Monica Radavelli, warehousing product manager at Yale.

The flexible advantage

The double stacker can be used in a range of warehousing applications, particularly in the food, beverage, retail and logistics industries. Customers can choose to power their solution with a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery.

Consolidating an industrial truck fleet is a cost-effective exercise and with the MS20XD’s operational flexibility it has the capacity to fill a variety of roles within the warehouse logistics chain. The ability to move two pallets at once with short forks makes the double platform stacker exemplary in tight areas.

“The multifunctionality of the forklift makes it possible to transport goods directly from the trailer to the first shelf levels. In mixed applications, the low-lift feature helps operators to stack shelves or feed production lines without excessive bending – preserving item movement and boosting productivity thanks to this attention to ergonomics.”

solutions that work

The new double platform stacker is designed to work in harmony with the operator. The fixed platform option can be fitted with side or rear protection, with scooter controls offered as standard. The standard folding platform is available both with and without side arms with fixed or adjustable tiller head. This is characterized by excellent ergonomics; The push of a button is easy to achieve.

The work lighting package helps illuminate dimly lit areas, allowing the operator to work and maneuver safely. A cold store option is also available for food and beverage applications.

The MS20XD offers a choice of Beginner, Intermediate and Expert riding modes. There are four additional customizable modes in which parameters such as ground speed, acceleration and deceleration can be programmed.

If the truck hits an obstacle while driving with the forks trailing behind, the anti-trap function stops the truck immediately. The system then moves the truck a specified distance in the opposite direction at a slow speed to reduce the risk of operators becoming trapped on the platform.

“A number of additional options are available for the MS20XD, allowing us to tailor it to the specific needs of our customers,” added Radavelli. “We are confident that this versatile truck will be an efficient addition to warehouse environments across EMEA. Our knowledgeable dealers are ready to discuss how this new truck can add value to fleets, so we encourage potential users to get in touch with them today.”

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